If you’re in the market to hire, you know the hunt for talent rages on. There’s certainly no shortage of great talent… but most hiring managers are left scratching their heads wondering, “Where the heck is that talent hiding?”

The argument could be made that this article is a bit biased – an executive recruiting firm singing the praises of retaining an executive recruiting firm. But after 80 combined years in business, we know what we’re talking about. Here are the proven facts…

Retained searches:
1. Bring in higher caliber candidates who fit most (if not all) of your organization’s needs
2. Place hires more likely to commit long-term (as is evidenced by our firm’s over 90% retention rate)
3. Create satisfied repeat clients who continually call on us to fill future searches

And most importantly:

4. Retained search firms like TurningPoint Executive Search find those impossible-to-find candidates you never knew were out there.

Take one of our recent searches, for example. A highly successful software company was looking to hire a new Vice President of Marketing. After months of using their own hiring manager, it was clear they would not find a single candidate who matched the skillset, experience, and personality to meet their organization’s needs and the complexity of the role. While a handful had a few things they were looking for, they were unwilling to settle for “close enough.”

Enter TurningPoint Executive Search. Our recruiter dipped into her exclusive network of candidates (many of whom were not actively looking to change jobs) and brought twice as many highly skilled professionals to the table. How were we able to find talent so quickly and easily? Our recruiters have invested years to discover, connect with, and cultivate relationships with the best of the best across industry and job function… Most of whom thought they were content where they were. Ultimately, our client hired an A-Player they never knew existed and went above and beyond their initial expectations.

We have over a decade of this type of success.

“Given the nature of our rather unique position in a rather unique industry, [their] ability to find people who could sell into our market, with previous experience doing so, was rather remarkable… Several [candidate] said that this was the best experience with an executive search firm they had ever had, and even though they were not looking to move from their current position, [they]made our position so interesting to them that they had to at least look at it. We were very pleased with our final selection of what we believe may prove to be a “game changing” hire for us.”

Partnering with an Executive Recruiting Firm like TurningPoint is not a “luxury”, like some would argue. It’s the most reliable way to get the talent you’re looking for but otherwise would have never found and, ultimately, saves you time and money.

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