Hiring is Like Dating: Nobody’s “Perfect”22

Like searching for a partner in life, recruiting is all about finding the best person for the job: one who has the right character, qualifications, and experience… And, like personal relationships, it’s impossible to find the “perfect fit.”

In love and hiring, there is no such thing as the “perfect fit.”

Hiring Managers invest extensive time and effort in developing the most successful hiring strategy. Including stakeholders in the decision making and job description processes, as well as building a solid assessment and screening program, go a long way toward ensuring that a role draws top talent. These same Hiring Managers are also working under the strain of limited time to fill the role, a fixed budget, and a laundry list of candidate “must-haves.”

The pressure to find the “perfect” candidate inadvertently leads to creating and looking for a candidate that simply doesn’t exist. In the recruiting world, we call this the “Purple Squirrel.”

Over the years, we’ve identified what works (and what doesn’t). We’re far from finding a one-size-fits-all formula but we do know how to significantly reduce recruiting costs and “time to fill” metrics, while simultaneously increasing your offer acceptance rate.

Click here to discover our Seven Rules to Finding and Hiring the Elusive “Purple Squirrel.”

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