So, you want to build your team… Here’s what you need to know.

The biggest factor working against a great hire is time. Hiring managers and internal recruiters scramble to bring on new talent because of an expected opening in their organization or demand is higher than supply and they need more soldiers. Unfortunately, this often leads to mistakes… costly mistakes.

It’s no secret that making the wrong hire is expensive. As you probably know, replacing a poor hire within the first six months is estimated to cost 2.5 times the candidate’s salary. Keep them on board beyond six months, and the cost grows exponentially. The key is making the right hire in the first place.

Successful Hiring & Recruiting TiipsIn today’s, market with average tenures dropping by nearly 10% each year, traditional recruiting tactics simply won’t cut it. You have to be both proactive and reactive. You need a full hiring cycle that is organized and adaptable when necessary. One that begins with assessing your staffing needs before you need to hire and (technically) never ends because your retention efforts are ongoing.

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