In 2019, Ken Schmitt, CEO and Founder of TurningPoint Executive Search was invited to become an American partner for Talentor, an international talent network operating in 28 countries around the world.  Collaborating with this global “firm of firms” allowed TurnignPoint to provide personalized, top-notch, and customized Executive Search to our Worldwide clients.

In 2020, we had the pleasure of collaborating with our partners in Spain, Servitalent, in a cross-border executive search process for a Spanish company. This organization is a leader in its sector with international subsidiaries and looking to boost its market development in the United States. Because of our expertise in Marketing, TurningPoint was the perfect partner for the search.

Following the completion of the search, Ken sat down with our Servitalent partner to discuss the cross-border collaboration.

What are the most important factors to consider for a foreign company when looking for talent in the U.S.? What important aspects should you consider before starting the search (culture, legislation, salary policies, mobility, social benefits, etc)?

The most important aspect of working cross-border with countries outside of your local region is to clarify expectations. After working with Spain and China on two different searches through Talentor International, we learned that you cannot assume anything. There are many differences across different regions of the world, including communication styles, interviewing styles and process, appropriate/legal questions to ask, employee vs. independent contractor status, salary and commission expectations, benefits, contract negotiation, vacation time, and overall company culture. Before starting a search in the U.S. it is important to understand these differences, in addition to the amount of time it will take to secure the necessary agreements and employment contracts.

Based on your experience working with Spanish companies, what are the most notable differences you have identified in the search process?

Two of the biggest differences are the number of interviews and the discussion around compensation. Each company and region is starting from a different place and assuming the other side is operating the same way. The key is to clarify everything right from the beginning and understand that what a company tells candidates in the U.S. needs to remain consistent because U.S. candidates will withdraw from the process right away if the trust and reliability aren’t there from the beginning.

What positions are the most in-demand by foreign companies in the American market? Inside Sales, digital marketing, lead generation, and branding are in very high demand. While our firm does not handle software developer or engineering searches, these are also seeing strong demand.

How would you describe your experience working with Servitalent (Talentor Spain) within Talentor International?

It was a very educational and collaborative experience. It was very helpful to learn from our Spanish partners how things are done overseas and how we may be able to change some of our process to be more efficient. I was very glad we were able to communicate effectively and often with Servitalent’s team to ensure that everything was moving forward through the process.

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