Insights from Chief Mastermind Jack Kelly

Do you know what content is relevant to your customers?

Do you struggle to create content for your business? Whether it’s marketing content, a blog or even subjects for webinars, many companies are challenged to find relevant content. When you try to connect in a relevant way with your target customers, it leaves you guessing about what is relevant.

Examples of this struggle might be making claims about the quality of your services or products, articulating your true differentiators, or communicating your unique value to a prospective customer.

Quite often, companies fall into the trap of claiming to be the “Industry leader in…” or a “best in class provider” etc. Unfortunately, these terms and phrases become trivial and meaningless when your competition is saying the same thing. Potential customers don’t understand your value or what differentiates you. So, they shop on price… which is not where anyone wants to be.

Demonstrating Your Value

You have a resource that can help you with this: Your Customers. By listening to the voice of the customer your company will hear, from the perspective of your customer, how you add value. They help create clarity on how you deliver what you claim. For instance, if you claim speed as one of your differentiators, your customers will provide you the proof through their own words and experiences.

If you are looking to focus your message on the highest value services you provide, your customers will tell you what those services are AND how they provide value to customers.

Focus your content to your customer’s unique needs and challenges.

Vertical Focus

If you are looking to appeal to a certain vertical by focusing your message on their unique needs and challenges, your customers will tell you what those needs and challenges are and how you meet and solve them.

Content: Events, Webinars, Blogging

It can be challenging to figure out what are the most interesting topics your current and potential customers. While you can incorporate the latest research, another a great resource is your customers. You can ask them to identify the key issues that are “keeping them up at night” and easily create content for events, webinars and blogs.

For an effective webinar, you could have a client co-present with you on a topic of interest. For an effective blog, get a client to suggest a topic or be a guest writer. For a great event, bring in a panel of clients to discuss a hot topic for the audience.

The ultimate goal of your content is for the reader to say: “They get me.” By leveraging the voice of the customer for content, your strategy becomes easier, your content more relevant, and the claims your company makes with respect to quality and delivery, real. This develops trust with potential customers, which is the most important building block in any relationship.

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