The tide of the job market continues to flow in favor of job seekers. Hiring continues to follow a steady upward trajectory with more than 50% of companies looking to hire in the next year. That being said, good jobs aren’t falling from the sky. To land the “perfect role” with the compensation package you are looking for, you must develop and execute a robust job search plan.

Based on current hiring trends, here are 3 components your job search should include:

Your career goal

Regardless of the ever-decreasing tenure of employees, it’s important to approach your search with a long-term perspective, keeping your eye on the end game. You must ask yourself several important questions before you even submit your first resume. First, have you clearly defined your goal? Do you have a picture of the culture, role, and compensation? Second, are you currently looking for something long term or is your next role a necessary stepping stone to bring you closer to your career goal? Remember: You won’t know you’ve arrived if you have no idea where you’re going.

Your Timeline

More than half of the candidates we place are passive candidates. These are professionals who are not actively looking for a job but are open to opportunities when they present themselves. Are you a passive candidate? Are you content with where you are and in no hurry to move on or are you looking for the nearest exit? Knowing the answer to these questions will significantly impact the intensity of your search.

Your Skills and Experience

40% of employers say they struggle to find talented candidates. Is the quality of job seekers declining? Obviously not. While employers are readily investing money in bringing on new talent, they are also increasing their expectations new hires. Tailoring your resume to highlight skill sets and experiences hiring managers are looking for will increase the chances of being noticed. Additionally, if you considering a change in career paths now may be the time.  Take a close look at your transferable skills, especially those that align with the jobs that are hardest to fill – sales representatives, engineers, accounting and finance professionals.

Wait!! There’s one more KEY ingredient to a well-executed job search…

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