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Today, more than ever, hiring the right leadership matters

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We know it can be a challenge to find a leader who both guides your organization to the next level and fits your corporate culture. TurningPoint Executive Search’s comprehensive, personalized, and collaborative approach to executive search meets that challenge.

By combining a local presence with national search capabilities, we customize our approach to meet your specific needs. Our proven CEO and Executive Leader recruiting process have successfully driven leadership recruitment for public corporations and private companies across all major fields and industries. Whether you’re looking for a CEO with proven skills in a particular area or industry or a VP of Marketing to revitalize your branding strategy, our experienced recruiters will help you find the right talent.

TurningPoint Executive Search’s comprehensive Recruiting Process gives you the assurance that you have selected the candidate with the skills, qualifications, and values you are looking for while compensating them appropriately. This process leverages a combination of in-depth research, direct recruiting, and comprehensive in-person screening to identify and deliver exceptional candidates who bring genuine value to your business.  By accessing our extensive proprietary database, our exclusive network of passive candidates, the members of our Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance, and numerous referral partners, we will introduce you to your ideal candidates that match your unique needs. With our proven recruiting process, you can make the best possible decision for the long term – the first time.

More importantly, once you make the hire through our firm, you can be confident that your new talent will be with you for the long haul. While the average tenure of many executive leadership positions is less than 18 months, more than 90% of our placements are still with our client 2 years later.

TurningPoint Executive Search is more than a national firm. As globalization quickly brings the world together, a global perspective and access to talent worldwide are even more important than ever! Our global network has uniquely positioned us to meet these needs.

Attracting and screening top talent is time-consuming and complex – and quite costly if not effectively executed. TurningPoint will simplify and accelerate your search while mitigating your hiring risk.

Executive Leadership Recruiting Expertise

VP of Sales / CSO
VP Marketing / CMO
President / CEO
COO / VP Operations
VP of Human Resources
VP Customer Success/Enablement