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The true power of a company lies within its people. Hiring effective junior talent to drive future success is a vital component of a company’s long-term succession strategy. By developing the skills and abilities of early-career professionals, companies are able to groom top talent for promotion. With the “War for Talent” in high gear, the best way to ensure the future success of any business, is to hire tomorrow’s leaders, today!

If you are looking for a junior level Sales or Marketing professional, our StartingPoint Career division can help you source game-changing junior talent—qualified, proven early career professionals who will propel your business forward. Our team of experienced recruiters understands the critical difference in sourcing young professionals vs the seasoned leaders.

Using cutting-edge search technology and an advanced social media presence that ranks in the top 3% globally, our team of experienced recruiters are able to identify local, regional and national candidates.

Ask about our three fixed fee solutions to meet your needs- Basic, Premium, and Platinum.

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