Aligned with and Motivated by Your Needs and Company Culture

Your personalized engagement is industry and functionally specific, providing a collaborative approach to delivering more than just a simple resume or bio. From the very start, we get to know your brand, company culture, vision and goals. Armed with this knowledge, we refine our recruiting strategy to identify and deliver the best talent for your unique business.

Your tailored search will leverage a combination of in-depth research, direct recruiting, deep local and national networks, professional search tools, and comprehensive in-person screening to produce a well-rounded slate of candidates for each position. With our industry and functional knowledge, combined with our extensive connections, we will identify and attract top talent that meet your individual requirements.

Define Your Ideal Candidate

  • Conduct a “Skills Gap” analysis. Identify the technical and cultural criteria: must haves vs. nice to haves.
  • Create “the sizzle” – what is uniquely compelling about the position and company

Develop Your Target List, Recruiting Plan and Short List

  • Create a list of top competitors, off-limits, and ideal prospects
  • Leverage our proprietary database, target companies, Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance, in depth research, social media, and exclusive network
  • Identify top prospects, conduct phone and in-person screenings

Deliver the Best Talent to Your Hiring Team

  • Present a short list including resumes and customized bios
  • Facilitate interviews, select finalist and complete references
  • Negotiate the compensation package and secure a start date
  • Introduction to the TurningPoint Ecosystem

What This Means to You

  • Access to top performing talent, not just available job seekers
  • Leverage against your competition to build world class teams
  • 94% Retention Rate
  • Real-time competitive analysis and market intelligence
  • Expedited time to hire
  • Peace of mind (3-6 month guarantee)
  • Uniform, efficient, objective hiring
  • Introduction to our Ecosystem
  • Enhanced Employment Brand
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