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Are you looking for a leader who understands what it takes to drive business growth and manage your teams?

Our experienced recruiters understand the kind of people you need: decision-makers, forward-thinkers, leaders who can reinforce or improve your organization’s existing culture. Whether you are seeking to fill a challenging Sales, Marketing, or Operations leadership position, or your next high-level CEO/ President, our personalized targeted recruiting process delivers the best talent.

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We’re a great choice to have on your team, here’s why:


Your needs are unique, and so is your culture. By getting to know your brand, corporate environment, vision, and goals, we identify, target, and deliver top performers, not simply the available talent.


When you hire through our firm you can be confident your new talent will be with you for the long haul. More than 90% of our placements are still with our client 2 years later, 30% longer than the average tenure of many executive leadership positions.


By combining local presence with international search capabilities, TurningPoint is recognized as a world-class recruiting firm. With clients across the U.S. and access to Global Resources, top-performing CEOs, Presidents, Sales & Marketing Leaders, and Operations professionals are at our fingertips.