Reviews of Our Recruiting Services

What Our Candidates & Clients Are Saying

“We used TurningPoint Executive Search to place our COO. Ken worked closely with us throughout the process and made sure he knew exactly what we were looking for. He found us the perfect candidate. The communication, transparency and professionalism from Ken was second to none. TurningPoint will be the first place we go next time we need a C-suite executive for our company.”
– Nick Telford, President, Sports For Learning

“Our new President has been an amazing hire, I am so grateful to you and Danielle for finding him. He is an incredible boss He is honest, transparent and positive, giving me both affirmations and constructive feedback. He is really making a difference here at ESET. We are working really hard but it feels good to be working towards a common goal. He literally brought my passion back to my role.”
– Celeste Blodgett, VP, Human Resources, ESET

“We found both Danielle Mathis and Ken Schmitt to be highly professional, very responsive and cooperative, intuitive and pro-active during our search to find us a Senior VP for Sales. It began with my first call to TurningPoint and was the same throughout the engagement. Given the nature of our rather unique position in a rather unique industry, Danielle’s ability to find people who could sell into our market, with previous experience doing so, was rather remarkable.  Further, as part of each interview, we asked the candidate to describe their personal experience with Danielle and TurningPoint, and in each instance, the reaction was instant and almost eerily consistent. The term “highly professional” was one that was repeated by all of them. Several said that it was the best experience with an executive search firm they had ever had, and even though they were not looking to move from their current position, Danielle made our position so interesting to them that they had to at least look at it. We were very pleased with our final selection of what we believe may prove to be a “game changing” hire for us. And you can be assured that should we again need the services of a search firm, there is only one call we need to make, and that is to TurningPoint.”
– Bob Alvarado, CEO and Mark Wapnick, President at CourtCall LLC

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Danielle Mathis in her role as recruiter for the position of Vice President of Marketing. Throughout the process, Danielle was meticulous in vetting my skills and background in order to prepare me for meetings with the Executive staff. Her ability to identify and hone in on key attributes that would benefit the client enabled me to fine tune my presentation and ultimately  land my new position. Danielle is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend both her and TurningPoint Executive Search to others interested in new marketing roles and opportunities.” 
– Tricia Rodewald, Vice President of Marketing, Regenesis 

“Danielle, to put it simply, is the consummate professional. I had the privilege of working with her for a Recruiting Management position located in the greater San Diego area. She found my profile from a mutual connection, and in an instant of speaking with her – you could tell her experience in the industry served her well. What I loved the most about working with her is – her ability to listen and provide results based off your needs and requirements. Coupled with the fact, she’s timely, professional, she’s relatable, and she does not approach her line of work with an “agenda” or “internal motives” – she just cares about what she does and she’s incredibly talented at it. I’ve been in the recruitment industry for over 12 years and I can honestly say – she may be one of the most impressive PD/Recruiters I’ve worked with and I highly encourage anyone interested in finding that next chapter in their lives – to connect and work with her.

– Luigi Prainito, U.S. Head of Talent Acquisition,Phaidon International

“Thank you very much for making the match! Our new hire starts next week and we are looking forward to having a strong person in sales. We will definitely be in touch for future openings as this was much easier than our prior efforts!”
– Stacy Seminoff, CEO, Financial Asset Services 

“Thank you so much to Dina and Turning Point! From the first call to the last exciting call telling me I was offered the position! You helped me a great deal providing me with all the insight needed to be prepared for the opportunity with Newland Communities! THANK YOU!”
– Jadah Arrington, Marketing Automation Specialist, Newland Communities

“Danielle is an A+++ recruiter. She has quality clients, wonderful long term relationships (with those clients), and treats her prospects with the utmost respect. Danielle is honest and highly communicative throughout the placement process. When I asked for clarity, or advice, she was consistently there for me. As a high level professional, Danielle works both sides of the opportunity with class, respect, and very detailed communication. I would highly recommend working with Danielle and the TurningPoint Executive Search team!!”
Leslie Conover, VP of Sales – Americas, Swann Communications

“I was contacted by TurningPoint less than 2 months ago about a role that would require a relocation for my family and I. Initially, I didn’t have much of a desire to relocate but was willing to consider for the right opportunity. I’m excited about the new role/adventure (yes, offer accepted) but I honestly don’t think I would have continued to pursue the opportunity if it wasn’t for Danielle and the seamless process that she guided me through. She took the time to engage with me on a professional and personal level (emails, phone calls, video conferences, text messages, etc.) and it really felt like I had an advocate throughout the entire process. She worked tirelessly to accommodate a tight timeline, kept me apprised at each step and diligently partnered with both myself and the company that she was representing to finalize an offer that was a win/win for everyone. She made this one of the better interviewing experiences that I have participated in, even with the added complexity of relocating.”
Christopher Gilbert, Director of Deal Desk, Alteryx

“Danielle is an A+++ recruiter. She has quality clients, wonderful long term relationships (with those clients), and treats her prospects with the utmost respect. Danielle is an honest and highly communicative throughout the placement process. When I asked for clarity or advice, she was consistently there for me. As a high-level professional, Danielle works both sides of the opportunity with class, respect, and very detailed communication. I would highly recommend working with Danielle and the TurningPoint Executive Search team!!”
Christopher Gilbert, Director of Deal Desk at Alteryx

“Hold on to Danielle. She is very professional, responsive and resourceful. We have enjoyed working with her. We teased her that we’ll come try to recruit her to our team full time next year as our permanent talent source. Recruiting the recruiter!  Thank you to the entire TurningPoint team. Great job.”
Matt Dusa, President/COO and Chris Dusa, VP Sales & Marketing at Capstone

“I want to thank you for assigning Dina Hemmi to our search. Dina worked so diligently and professionally before, during and after our search for the BDM – Strategic Sales openings. We are happy to have filled each position with such promising talent. The other candidates she presented were also of high caliber. Should we require assistance in the future, I will make it my business to recommend we use your services.”
– Eric Krause, Talent Acquisition Manager, Dodge Data & Analytics

“We partnered with Ken and his team at TurningPoint to identify and hire a new Account Executive. As a start-up business, our resources are a bit more limited. However, their TalentAccess solution provided us with exactly what we needed – a pre-screened, targeted list of sales candidates who were qualified and interested in our position. I am pleased to say we made our hire, thanks to the team at TurningPoint Executive Search” 
– Julie Bemis, HR Manager and Joshua Bernheim, COO, KickX Golf 

“Although it was a bit of a difficult time conducting my job search, I always knew the TurningPoint team was in my corner and ready to help.  Their positive, honest, open approach allowed me to grow and find myself as well as a job in the last few months. They helped me to truly understand it is all about networking and making connections. As a result, I recently found a job as the Director of Marketing Communications through a colleague who recommended me.” 
– Kim Tucker, Director of Marketing Communications 

“I worked with TurningPoint Executive Search for only a couple weeks before finding a job that was a perfect fit for me. In fact, the first company I was sent out for became the company I work for now. I have worked with several recruiters in the past, but TurningPoint was the only one I built a solid relationship with. Dina is a rockstar!” 
– Thomas Jensen, Sales Manager

“I enjoyed a delightful experience in working with TurningPoint and their extremely capable recruiting and placement expert, Raquel. We all receive blanket, generic outreach from busy recruiters; Raquel’s outreach was pointed and educational. She, and the TP team, clearly do their research, understand how to align needs with candidate capability, and execute ideal-fit placements. Thank you. I am excited about my next career chapter, and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without Raquel, Ken and the entire TurningPoint team.

– Tim Stevens, Director of Sales, Technossus

“Raquel Gallant and the team at TurningPoint Executive Search were such a pleasure to work with. From Raquel’s initial outreach, to her interview preparations, feedback gathering, coaching and offer negotiation — she really positioned me perfectly to land a fantastic new executive position at a dynamic tech company in my area.

– Jon Samsel, VP, Global Marketing, Verimatrix 

“After relocating my family to a new state, for a role that I’m extremely excited about and working for a company that has unlimited upside, I’ve proactively reached out to our users and they LOVE the product and have plans for our company to be a critical piece to their technology stack for years to come.

I think everything happens for a reason. This move has been stressful, but recently we’ve had a lot of things fall into place for us and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. I know this move is right for my little family and we are all ready for this new adventure.”
– Senior Leader, Publicly Traded Analytics Company

“We made the decision to hire a Chief Sales Officer and were referred to TurningPoint. Danielle and the team came out to understand our need, asked a lot of good questions, and outlined a very thorough process they would follow to find us a strong pool of candidates. During the process TurningPoint made sure to communicate with me often, updating me on their progress. Their thoroughness ensured that we were talking with quality candidates and in the end, they helped us negotiate within our salary range and did an incredibly comprehensive reference check prior to us making an offer. If we had a similar opening again we would certainly be talking with TurningPoint. I definitely recommend them for helping fill senior level sales positions.”
– Jamie Ogle, President & CEO, Lloyd Pest Control

“TurningPoint Search is a talented group of passionate individuals. They deliver wonderful opportunities and create warm, professional dialogues for job seekers and potential employers. I have consistently recommended their services to both groups and can say it was an absolute pleasure to work with their entire team.
– Shelley Callahan, VP of Marketing at Advanced Particle Therapy, LLC

“Ken and the team at TurningPoint are in one word, fabulous. The team takes the time to understand the search with thought, providing questions and expert insight. Not only looking at experience and qualifications in candidates but also fit to our company values/culture, which for us is the key to successful hires. If that weren’t enough, the team, every one of them, are just good people that work hard to give the high level of service we all hope for. For us, they have hit the bull’s-eye every time.”
– Kim Molzahn, Director of Human Resources, Baker Electric  

“Ken has worked with Profil on three successful searches in the past year. Ken thoroughly educates himself on his clients’ needs as it relates to technical expertise and cultural fit to the organization. He is a professional 3rd party “partner” to the organization, and doesn’t waste time by submitting candidates who are not a fit for the level of the position. Additionally important, Ken maintains communication throughout the process, indicating his continual engagement and commitment to the priority that an open position represents. 

Over the years, my trust has grown in Ken’s integrity, professionalism and expertise. His response time is amazing, and I’ve never had to wait or wonder if Ken has received my call or email. It’s no wonder that Ken and TurningPoint enjoy a great reputation in the San Diego business community.”
– Susan Penn, Global HR Executive, Profil Institute for Clinical Research 

“Thank you to Dina who helped me land a job that was perfect for me. You were extremely knowledgeable of the role, you knew how my skillset would fit in with the company, and that I would like everyone that I work with. I wouldn’t have been able to get this job if it wasn’t for you and all the hard work that you put in. Dina, you are by far the best recruiter that I have ever worked with.”
– Jason Sapa, Marketing Technology Specialist, Newland Communities